Feminism and unintended consequences

Remember those days when woman like Gloria Steinem were out there burning their bras for the women's web movement? Remember how they wanted everyone to be equal? I wonder what they think about this.

It seems that there are more and more high school boys competing on girls swim teams which is causing somewhat of a problem. I don't think anyone can argue the fact that in some sports men are stronger and have an unfair advantage over girls. As a recent article on Boston.com points out:
Earlier this month, a male student from Norwood High, Will Higgins, broke a meet record for the girls’ 50-yard freestyle, leaving athletic officials scratching their heads over what to do. - Boston.com
So we now have a boy holding the boy's record for the 50-yard freestyle.

Recently here in Massachusetts the women's activists were in an uproar becasue a woman wasn't allowed to participate in a men's golf tournament, where are they now?

Have we taken this whole thing just a little too far?