Legal System: Something's wrong with this system

In Topeka, Kansas we have another example of what is wrong with our legal system in this country. There is not one, but two frivolous lawsuits in the courts, both stemming from one incident. Jared and Lindsay Rowley are suing Jesse Dimmick for bursting into their home and holding them hostage while he was running from the police. Dimmick in turn is counter suing the Rowley’s claiming they broke a verbal contract they made with him to not turn him in.

USA Today Article
Dimmick has already been found guilty of kidnapping in this case and is in jail. Why is the court wasting it’s time on a lawsuit where the defendant probably doesn’t have a pot to pee in anyway? Why should the tax payers be forced to incur the costs of this trial? The suit by Dimmick should also never see the light of day for the reason that it is frivolous and again will do nothing but waste the taxpayer’s money.

Sadly, in this day and age, if the second suit were to go to trial, there might actually be a jury who would award Dimmick the damages he is seeking. Let’s hope the jury pool in Topeka is nothing like the one here in Massachusetts where the criminal always comes first.