Moral Responsibility: Child molestation at Penn State

The top story for the last week has got to be that of the Penn State scandal. This is disturbing on so many levels, obviously the most disturbing is from the standpoint of the sexual molestation of children. But right up there is the fact that people, supposedly responsible adults, knew about it and did nothing more than "what they were required to do.

From US News, Leslie Marshall states that Mike McQueary is guilty of not protecting children. I wholeheartedly agree. Even now we continue to hear how Joe Paterno is hiring a high powered attorney  to defend himself. Why? Becasue he also did nothing except to report it to the Athletic Director which is all he was required to do.

Is big time college football more important than the lives of innocent children? Is protecting a head coach more important than a child? Where have we gone wrong when we think this way? Anyone who knew about this should be prosecuted and spend some time in jail. Perhaps it will make others think twice about "doing only what they have to do".