Moral responsibility: Swampscott Police arrest wrong guy

Last week there was a story out of Swampscott, Massachusetts, of a man who found someone breaking into his car in the early morning. A scuffle ensued when the alleged thief made a move like he was going for a weapon. The home owner was arrested for assault and battery, protecting his property. The perpetrator is already back on the street.

The thief, Christian Johnson was carrying  a knife and a police baton. Without getting into a discussion on whether or not the homeowner, Anthony Mckay, has the legal right to defend himself or his property, this is another case of upside down morality.

There is something wrong when the police arrest someone from defending himself against an intruder on his property. According to Mckay, it was only after Johnson made an attempt at going for a weapon that he acted, and then it was only a defensive maneuver. Are we to wait until we are harmed before we react? Are we supposed to just let anyone come onto our property to steal our belongings? In this time of budget crisis can we be certain the police will respond in a timely manner?

We coddle criminals at every opportunity while punishing the responsible home owner. The new bad is good, the new good is bad. We have the moral responsibility to act and protect our lives, loved ones and property

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