Upside down morality: Citizens bad, bad guys good

It's two in the morning and you hear something outside the house, you go outside and someone is trying to break into your vehicle and steal your tools. You confront him, he goes for a knife and you wrestle him to the ground and hold him while your girlfriend calls the police. The cops arrest him and find he is also carrying a police baton and some drugs. Seems okay doesn't it?

Until they arrest you for assault and battery. This is what happened recently in the massachusetts town of Swampscott.

Watch this at My Fox Boston

Are we supposed to just let the criminals do what they want while we wait for the police? The police think so. If they didn't they wouldn't have charged this man with anything. Now, he has to take time off from work, spend money he probably doesn't have (although he does have a pro-bono lawyer) and just generally be a pain in the ass for him, all for a case which the jury will probably acquit him off anyway.

Does anyone else thing this is a case of an upside down world? Feel free to comment.