Christ IS the reason for the season

Time to add another voice to the din about taking the "Christ" out of Christmas. You know it is bad when even churches close on Christmas.
According to this article in the Wall Street Journal, there are actually some Protestant churches which will be closed on Sunday, which also happens to be Christmas Day. This is proof of two things:

  • The secularists in this country are winning. They are slowly taking God our of the public eye as they have been trying to do for years. Christmas is now more about buying gifts and having a paid day off than it is about celebrating the birth of Christ. Of course the atheists out there will claim there are and were other winter holidays which were and are celebrated at this time and there is no proof that Jesus was born on the 25th at all, if they even acknowledge there was a Jesus Christ, but the reason Christmas is called Christmas is because it does celebrate the birth of Jesus. Otherwise it would have been called something else. 
  • This also shows how Christianity as a whole is no longer about what the Bible teaches or God's word but instead is about both how much can we collect for an offering and if no one will attend Mass then we shouldn't bother opening the church and instead of doing what is right in the eyes of God, we instead will bend the rules to please the public. 
Try to remember this tomorrow as you open up all your presents tomorrow, and bemoan the fact of how much you spent, or was spent on you. And instead of thanking the unions who bargained for that holiday pay or the slave labor over in China who made that new electronic gadget you just unwrapped, think of what the holiday is really about, whether or not this is the actual day Jesus was born or not.