Moral Dilemma:Should teachers be role models

A recent story from the Boston area has this writer caught in a moral dilemma of sorts. The story is that of the Malden teacher who starred in several Gay pornographic films, and who has been put on paid administrative leave.

The dilemma? As one who believes in the free market, capitalist society anyone should be able to earn money in any way they please and if making porn flicks is how they want to do it, then they should be allowed (child porn obviously excepted). On the other hand being a Christian who doesn’t particularly care for porn and what it represents as it goes against my values, I have a problem with a porn star teaching our children. I know, it is legal and from all accounts the teacher never discussed his profession with his students.

Two things to remember here. One is that this is a capitalist society which means if people didn’t buy porn, there would be no need for porn actors. Second, why was the person who called Fox 25 to report this looking at Gay porn in the first place?

Morally I am against porn and the gay lifestyle, however, it is not up to me to legislate or regulate what anyone else does with their life, that is their decision and if they can morally justify it in their own heart, who am I to say it is wrong?
If you don’t want teachers who are porn stars then don’t support the porn industry. Simple as that.