A new Christianity?

For some reason a recent blog post in the Washington Post disturbs me. The writer, Tom Ehrich, talks about what Christianity may look like in the near future. He claims that denominations will pretty much cease to exist replaced by neighborhood groups worshiping around the kitchen table.

Ehrich says:
Look for less focus on familiar forms of authority like the Bible and ecclesiastical tradition. Instead, Christianity 2.0 will move away from expertise-based systems and arguments over right opinion, and focus more on creating circles of friends seeking God’s presence and help, both in daily life and in the world beyond personal experience. Bottom line: less intellectualism, more intuition.
Now I am far from being a theologian, heck, I am lucky I can spell it, but if we no longer use the Bible as God’s word, wouldn't we no longer have God’s word? And if we no longer have God’s word, would we no longer be Christians? And as far as no moving away from an expertise based system and not having a right or wrong opinion, wouldn't that just lead to interpretation based on whatever the majority in the group might decide?

Belief in God should be an individual choice, I won’t argue that, but when you take away the “Law” which to Christians in the Bible, there is no longer any structure. Everyone will have a different opinion on what Christian values should be and the one with the loudest voice will win. Look at what would happen in the United States if we took away the Constitution and decided everyone could set up their own laws without any structure, there would be even more chaos than there is now.

I am of the Roman Catholic faith, although I am not as devout as perhaps I should be, and one thing about the Catholic faith is the dogma of the church has not changed in 2,000 years. I am not saying one religious sect is any better or worse than any other, but with the Catholic church and the way it is run, you cannot change the dogma by majority rule as you can with other denominations. Haven’t you noticed all Catholic teaching is the same no matter where you go? In others, when a group doesn’t agree with the teachings, or interpretation of the Bible, they form a splinter group and worship in their own way. But at least there is the Bible which can be used as a foundation.

But then I also look at it this way, isn’t it better to believe than not?