Elitists only pro choice sometimes

A couple of posts ago I wrote about whether the fact that someone had letters after their name that this made them any smarter than the rest of us. I was talking about an article I had read on whether or not the Bible was real.
Today I read an article in the"Iowa State Daily", which is the newspaper for Iowa State University, about a course on using biblical principles while running a business. The course was cancelled becasue the intellectual elite in the school decided it would violate the First Amendment, you know where it says there must be a "separation of church and state", except of course it doesn't say this at all.

But what really made me think about the other post was this quote:
Avalos agreed, saying, "The instructor has no expertise in either academic biblical studies or religious studies, and this raises the question of whether Finance 290X is simply a means to obtain college credit for religious instruction rather than for an objective academic study of different Christian viewpoints about business (Avalos is a professor at the school)
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So evidently becasue the instructor doesn't have the right letter after his name, he can't teach the class? And another professor had this to say:
" Blumenfeld said. "This was basically a Sunday school course where the students are getting university credit, and what that does is it lowers the standards of our university."
 The point is that this course was to be an elective. When I was in school, elective meant you could choose to take it or not. So now I guess the liberal elitist have decided the students don't have the right to choose, unless of course it involves an unborn baby.