Is the Bible real

According to a recent blog post written by John Shelby Spong, ”My Take: The3 biggest biblical misconceptions” he is making the claim that the Bible is a myth. Without getting into a discussion on why his three misconceptions are wrong, instead I would like to ask another question: Just because someone has credentials as a biblical scholar does that mean knows what he is talking about?

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After all if you were to ask three different religion experts, say a Catholic Bishop, a Lutheran Minister and an Episcopal Bishop, wouldn’t all three interpret the Bible according to their own religious doctrine? Each has their own ideas of what the Bible is saying. Are there three different Gods, one for each religion? Does the more letters one has after their name mean they are more “biblically inspired” than one with none?
We have been led to believe that this in fact is the case. We are constantly told we need to obtain all kinds of degrees and we have been convinced those with them are naturally superior in intelligence to those without them. As a result, many of us can no longer think on their own and need to be told exactly what to think and believe. Many no longer can read, listen or watch, with an independent mind. Take the Bible for example, when we read it many think they can’t understand it without looking for an explanation of what it says. Someone else, whether it is a pastor, priest or minister needs to explain what God is telling us. I submit that this is unnecessary. God provided us with a brain, and we should be able to read the Bible, or anything else for that matter, and figure out what it means.
Obviously you can tell I believe the Bible is true and historically accurate. I have researched the history, read evidence of both sides of the argument and have concluded the Bible is in fact real. But I also believe that everyone should be free to make up their own mind, again, God has given us the ability to reason. I never force my beliefs on anyone and I don’t want anyone to force their beliefs (or non-belief) on me. Whether you read the Bible or not is up to you, and when and if you do you will make up your own mind, you don’t need someone who has spent a lot of money obtaining degrees to explain it to you.
But think about this: Who is to say that when someone claims to have received inspiration from God , they have or if in fact they have received it from Satan? After all we are warned against false prophets and those who preach falsely in His name.