It's for the children

In the today’s news there was a story about the passage of a new law in California, establishing new fines and standards for the use of child car seats. This is another case of how we have to protect our children, certainly an admirable goal. As a former firefighter/EMT, I can attest to the good car seats do, yet in my travels I still see many children who aren't in them, or even seat belted.

California seems to be the place where all these laws are passed and enacted in the interest of protecting the children. Recently in San Francisco they have banned to inclusion of toys in Happy Meals, after all we can’t entice kids to eat unhealthy foods. Also beginning today, in California it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 cannot use a tanning bed.   I am sure some quick research will turn up some other laws which further protect our children. I am sure a lot of time, effort and money have been expended on such measures.

I have a problem with this type of legislation. Issues such as using car seats and eating healthy are not the responsibility of the government to enforce, these are personal responsibility. Parents should be responsible for their own actions, which include protecting their children. Each time we regulate something, taking more of the parent’s responsibility away and giving it to the State; we create a culture where the citizens will not be responsible at all since they know the government will now take care of their kids. Look at the “success” of any entitlement program, measured by how many people are “helped”. How many recipients of entitlements would be forced to become responsible citizens if they weren’t given money, your money by the way, by the government?

All that being said, the bigger issue of an “Upside down morality” is this, we pass laws to keep our children safe after they are born, yet how many children do we kill each year through legalized abortion? Think about it.