Your Public School System at Work

Today we have two stories dealing with the absolute geniuses who run our government run education system.  The first story is an example of what is wrong with unions, how they protect the worst among them, the second is an example taking bullying laws and sexual assault laws, etc. to the level of the ridiculous;
In New York City we have a teacher who gets paid to sit in a room managing his law practice and managing his investments. His salary is $100,049 a year and his investments are worth $10 million, and when he retires his pension will be $100,000 a year. He hasn't taught in a classroom since 2001. Becasue he is protected by the union, basically the taxpayers of the city are screwed.

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This is what unions do, they protect the worst among their members, bring every one down to the lowest level in the interest of making all equal and in the case of public service unions, waste taxpayer dollars. The question to ask here is how many good, productive teachers in New York City have had to be laid off becasue the city doesn't have the money to pay them while this guy sits in a room screwing the system?

And then out in California we have a story about a six year old boy who was threatened with arrest for sexual assault when he inappropriately touched another student. Was it in the bathroom, was it under the bleachers, was it in a supply closet? No, it was during a game of tag on the playground. The only reason he wasn't arrested was becasue you can't be arrested for sexual assaults when you are six. Now this kid has been transferred to another school and has this on his permanent school record.

Yes, bullying is a problem, sexual assault is a problem, but this fits neither, it is a game of tag. Why don't we let kids be kids and we might be surprised just how good they might turn out to be.

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