It's Not About A Woman's Health

For the past several weeks, and surely for some time to come (at least November 2012) there has been much discussion about Obamacare and the mandate which requires religious organizations to provide, at no cost to their employers health insurance coverage which includes sterilization, contraception and certain "morning'after" drugs which cause abortion.
This is especially offensive to Catholics, as these practices all go against their religious beliefs. Other religions have also joined in the fight against this mandate as it is more than a Catholic issue and even a Christian issue, the government is interfering with our First Amendment rights. All religions that is except if you are a Muslim.

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You see, if you are of the Muslim faith, unlike those of us who are not Muslims, you do not have to even have health insurance. You are exempted from purchasing health insurance since it is considered a form of gambling and Muslims don't believe in gambling. But then, Barack Obama will do anything to not offend any one who professes to be Muslim. (No, I am not going to get into the conspiracy theories on whether he is a Muslim or not).

The government can not force anyone to buy anything, whether it is a Chevrolet Volt or health insurance, but they are. People need to understand this for what it is or maybe better, what it is not. This is not about women's health, it is not about contraception, it is about the government forcing people to buy something they do not want or believe in. Obamacare is full of examples of this. For example why should an eighty year old woman have to buy coverage for contraception? No, it is about the government trying to control everything we do in our lives.

This week, it's this mandate, next week it will be a mandate requiring us to buy a Volt. Am I just crying "wolf"? Do you want to take a chance?

This country, and really the world, has become the world of "free stuff", everything should be free. We are entitled to free housing, college education, food and healthcare, this is wrong and goes against everything the Founding Fathers believed in.