Who speaks for those who can't

So who speaks for those who can't? Who sticks up for the rights for those who are unable to do so for themselves? And whose rights are more important, those that can speak for themselves or those who can't?

I was going to write about all this Planned Parenthood/Susan G. Komen Foundation flap, but decided to let others get involved in that. I think it is pretty sad that Komen backed down under the pressure from the left and the mainstream media, but then they did what they did.

No, that isn't what upsets me. What upsets me is in reading about this, especially from the left wing media. We are hearing what a victory this was for a women's "Reproductive rights." Salon.com calls it a "Priceless gift"the Huffington Posts talks about the "right wing bullies" and America Blog calls it the "women's movement's Arab spring."  Yes sir, this is truly a great day for women's rights.

Now, don't get me wrong I have nothing against women's rights, but I do have a problem with abortion and funding abortion using my tax dollars. I know, I know, I hear you all out there saying that PP doesn't use any government money for the abortions, all that money comes from private sources. Let me ask you this, let's say you and your partner both work, you put your money in the bank, and you buy groceries, whose money was used for the cigarettes and whose was used for the toilet paper? If you have a fight, does the one who paid for the toilet paper take the roll down?

Reproductive rights, now there is a interesting term. It kind of makes the whole process sound a little nicer doesn't it? And women and men should have all kinds of rights. But just one question, what about the unborn baby's rights? Who sticks up for them? They didn't ask to be conceived so does that mean it is okay to kill them? Or do only certain people have rights?