Religious Freedom is at Risk

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the HHS mandate which will require Catholic institutions to provide coverage for contraception, sterilization and abortifacients as part of the mandatory health care coverage required by Obamacare. . The left has managed to make this about something it is not.

This is not about women's healthcare, it is not about a woman's right to use contraception, it is not about the Catholic Church forcing their views on contraception upon people. It is about religious liberty and freedom. I am a Catholic, although maybe not the poster boy for Catholicism, but before that I am an American, a patriot who believes in the United States Constitution. Without the Constitution, we might as well throw our religion away, no matter if you are Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, or Protestant.

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The issue here is the First Amendment which guarantees the "free exercise of religion", as some like to erroneously call it, the "separation of church and state". The First Amendment guarantees  that everyone in this country is free to practice whichever religion, or not practice any religion they wish. It also guarantees that the government can not establish a national religion. The proponents and biggest defenders of the separation of church argument claim that the First Amendment also says that any religion can not force itself on the citizens.

Let's assume for a minute the First Amendment does indeed say this. Wouldn't this mandate be a violation of the separation clause in reverse? It is the government which is forcing its beliefs on a religion, the Catholic Church, who has a moral objection to contraception, they are ordering the church to violate their beliefs. The left would be the first to complain if this were the church trying to force their beliefs on them.

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But wait you say, they are, the Catholic Church is forcing their views on contraception on their employees. No they aren't, they are not saying women can't use contraception, they just don't condone it. Basically if a woman wants to use it and chance going to hell, that is their choice. They just shouldn't be forced to provide it.

What would be next? If we let this stand, what is the next thing which the government would mandate us to do which is against our morals? They already say it is legal to kill babies, will euthanasia be next? Will the government decide that if someone is over a certain age is sick and it would cost to much money to keep them alive they should be killed? Will the next thing be the government doesn't think anyone should have more than one kid so mandatory sterilization will be ordered? You can scoff at these suggestions, but do so at your peril.