Why the Left Opposes God

I think I have finally figured it out, why the left hates religion. Okay, maybe hate is too strong a word; let me say why they don’t want religious teaching or symbols to be prevalent in society, which is a little tamer.
After all I am sure there are many on the left who believe in God and even consider themselves to be Christians, which I am sure they are, but the problem is if religious beliefs are in the forefront then people will realize that the left and the Progressive agenda is all about suppressing individual freedom and responsibility, better known as “Free Will.”

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Anyone who reads the Bible or any Christian teaching understands the concept of “free will”, it is the ability of one to make decisions on their own, using morality as a guide, and deciding what they think is best for them. Sometime an individual may make a bad decision and they will suffer the consequences, when you belief in God that consequence would be where you will spend eternity. The left doesn’t want the individual to make any decisions because they honestly believe they know better than the individual what is best for them.

How does this tie in with the removing of religion from public view and discussion? It is simply the old adage of “Out of sight, out of mind.” If we aren’t submitted to what the Bible teaches us on a consistent basis, and we don’t read or study on our own, eventually we will forget about God and right and wrong. If we don’t allow our children to be taught morality in schools, they will only know what the Progressives want them to know. One only needs to take a look at the any public school curriculum to see this is already happening. We have already created generations who know nothing but living off the government dole, who are so used to government giving them everything, telling them what to do, that they don’t know what personal responsibility is. We have adults in this country that can’t function without the government.

The left doesn’t want anyone to look to anyone other than the government for what they need. They don’t want a person to believe in someone who may have more authority than the government, whether it is the Christian’s God or that of another religion. As long as there are those of us who don’t believe the government is smarter than the individual, they can’t control the group. We must keep this in mind, we can’t lose our belief, once we lose our individuality, we are doomed, it wouldn’t be the “better world” the left promises.