Now They're Coming After Free Speech

We have another example of the current resident of the White House subverting the United States Constitution, this time it is the First Amendment. You know the one, it talks about free speech and free to assemble.
As pointed out by Judge NapolitanJudge Naploitano o in this video, this bill was signed in secret and basically allows the Secret Service, who is under the direct supervision of the President, to decide who and when anyone can protest.

I have talked about the President and his attack on the freedom of religion in the past, most recently with the implementation of the HHS contraception mandate. This mandate is a clear attack on the Catholic Church since it is Catholic Institutions which are the ones whose moral conscience will be affected.

But it is more than this. Once it is okay for Catholics to give up their religious freedom, it is only a matter of time before it will be the Jews or the Episcopalians who will be asked to give up one of their beliefs. Soon there will be no freedoms left.

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This administration knows exactly what it is doing, it follows the Alinsky model to a "T". His thirteenth rule is to "pick the target and isolate it." This is what Alinsky's prize pupil Barack Obama is doing. In the HHS case he is isolating Catholics, also using Alinsky's fourth rule "ridicule the enemy" to make them the bad guys.

With this secret signing of this bill, he can now do even more isolating by simply not allowing anyone to speak against him who goes against his policies. As Napolitano points out it is Obama who decides who warrants Secret Service protection which means he can deem anyone the status to be protected.

We must stop this man in November.