Planned Parenthood: Only the Guilty Get Nervous

There is an old adage used by law enforcement officials, "Only the guilty get nervous" and we have to wonder if this is why the folks at Planned Parenthood are deflecting a possible attack. Recently the Huffington Post has reported that Planned Parenthood is concerned about a number of "Hoax visits" to their clinics. These visitors have been asking questions about sex-selective abortions.

This isn't the first time Planned Parenthood has been subject to these tactics. Most recently it was subject to calls asking whether or not a woman could get a mammogram at their clinics. Providing mammograms is one of the programs Planned Parenthood claims it provides to women and why it needs to continue to receive federal funding. The expose was conducted by the pro-life group, Live Action and Planned Parenthoodbelieves they are behind these visits.
We can only wonder why the people at Planned Parenthood are already starting to spin a story which hasn't even broke yet, if it does at all. Could it be they are promoting sex-selective abortions? Let's not forget that one of the founders of Planned Parenthood was the progressive Margaret Sanger who was an advocate of eugenics. Eugenics is the faux science of eliminating those who people believe are not up to the same standards as others. Eugenicists believe by eliminating those with less than desirable traits they will genetically improve humans. We recall a world leader in the past that used eugenics to purify his race.
In defense of Planned Parenthood it is claiming it only provides the services for which it is asked, including sex selection in the states where it is not illegal. But one must wonder if any tapes, will show that Planned Parenthood approached the subject first. This also leads us to wonder what would be next. There are already those who are calling for the abortion of babies which have been identified with certain diseases and conditions which could be a drain on health care resources, what would be next?
The pro-choice activists love to shower us with claims that abortion and all the associated issues because they are concerned with women's health. While we might agree in the very minority of cases there might be legitimate health reasons to end a baby's life, the sex of the child is not one of them. And who knows, maybe one of those aborted babies was the one who would have found the cure for cancer or AIDS, true women's health issues.