The Progressive Mindset

And we wonder why the world is in the shape it is in where people treat life like it is nothing. The progressives just love to change words to fit their agenda. Here is the latest in their effort to convince the rest of us that abortion isn't really killing someone.

A recent article in talks about the a post in the Daily Kos in which they claim that an unborn child is nothing but a parasite. I won't link to the Daily Kos post becasue, well just becasue. This is all you need to read as stated in the Life news article:
There you have it, folks. A fetus is a damn parasite and it invades the mother’s body like one too.
I am the kind of woman who prefers science, studies, and medical facts over throwing pregnancy on the “magical miracle” band wagon. It is not magical, it’s called genetics and biology. God has nothing to do with it either. And it is not a damn miracle! If it happens every damn day, how is that even close to a miracle!? A miracle would be a man conceiving and gestating a fetus full term.

How can anyone really feel this way? Have we really sunk this low? Unfortunately the answer is "Yes, we have." People think nothing of life any longer, they have no respect for it. Instead a baby is nothing but a minor inconvenience, something to be treated like a parasite and thrown away.

This is the direction this country is heading, unless we do something about it. It is no longer acceptable for any of us to sit on the sidelines and let someone else run things, someone else to make the decisions, someone else to stand up for peoples rights, we went that route and know look what we have. No, it is up to us to change what is going on. We are the ones who need to stop the madness. We are the ones to stop the progressive mindset and return this country to some sense of morality.