What's Wrong With This Picture

The city of Springfield, Massachusetts has approved the distribution of free condoms to students age 12 and older. The reason? They want to reduce the amount of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. Evidently Springfield has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the state.

“I’m so happy – I can’t wait to celebrate,” said Christie Torres, who has children ages 12 and 14, and is a health educator. “We don’t need any more teen parents, we just don’t. With this is going to come education, and that’s the biggest thing.” - Mass Live
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Am I the only one to see a problem with this? Isn't giving out condoms the same thing as saying it is okay to go out and have sex? Wouldn't the use of condoms actually increase the risk of both pregnancy and sexually diseases since more kids will more than likely have sex? It stands to reason if you provide kids with condoms they will have more sex and therefore there will be an increased chance that something will go wrong.

If this Christie Torres really wants to educate teens, how about teaching them not to have sex at all? But then that wouldn't fit into the Progressive agenda. The more sex, the more chance of pregnant teens, more pregnant teens means either more abortions or more public assistance for those pregnant teens. Either way the Progressives win.