What's Wrong With This Picture

There were a couple of interesting news stories this week which show the hypocrisy of the left. It is sad they don't see the irony in their actions and thoughts, but then they are the smartest people in the world.

First, the Connecticut legislature is going to abolish the death penalty. This is always one of those issues where it can be difficult to take a stand on, especially for those of us in the Catholic faith. But it is not in any kind faith argument where the hypocrisy lies in this instance. It has to do with two things:
  • This abolishing only goes for new cases and will not stop the execution of those already on death row. Is it right to draw this kind of a line?
  • How many of these legislators supporting banning the death penalty becasue it involves taking a life also support legalized abortion? At least executing a killer is stopping a life which has already turned out bad while killing someone who hasn't yet been born is stopping a life which hasn't had the chance to turn out at all.
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This story brings up another interesting point, the majority of people polled in Connecticut were for keeping the death penalty in place by a wide margin, yet the legislature voted to abolish it. If an elected official has a moral objection to a bill, where it goes against his moral conscience, that goes against the will of his or her constituents, should they excuse themselves from the vote?

The second story which I found interesting was regarding a Planned Parenthood branch holding a prayer vigil, praying for contraception and a woman's right to use birth control, becasue it is safe. While writing an article about this I was led to a feminist blog which mentions how one particular birth control pill increases a woman's risk of breast cancer by 50%. This is safe? Evidently in the minds of those on the left contracting breast cancer is a better alternative than bringing a life into this world. Not quite sure how any breast cancer survivors feel about that or those who have lost someone to the disease.