Who Decided We Can Play God

The State of Connecticut has taken the first step in eliminating the death penalty which has generated some interesting discussion regarding whether or not those on death row should still be executed.  This is mostly because of the recent conviction and death sentence for the two men who murdered the Petit family.
In my opinion this is wrong. You cannot decide to abolish the death penalty for some but not for others, it is either right or it is wrong. How can we as humans decide who should live and who should die? Do we decide each case on its own merits? Wouldn’t this open up the process to all kinds of prejudices? There are those who argue now and perhaps rightly, that the justice system is already stacked against certain classes of individuals. Does a poor black kid from the streets of Detroit with a Public Defender have as good a chance to defend himself as a rich white kid from Westchester County?
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I believe it is morally wrong to condemn anyone to death, no matter how serious the crime, but when we begin to base our decisions on different criteria, choosing who lives and who dies, this is even more so. We as humans shouldn’t have the right to decide who lives and who dies, this should be left up to God. Yet we do it every day. We decide if a life is worth living or not, we impose the death penalty every day, every time an abortion is performed, we pronounce the death penalty on a person. The saddest thing about this is these people are convicted without a trial, without even a chance to defend themselves.

It never ceases to amaze me that the same people who want to abolish the death penalty because it is “cruel and unusual” punishment, support murdering others every day. These are the same people who would be up in arms and protesting in the same Connecticut legislature if there was a bill to outlaw abortion. I guess murdering unborn babies isn’t cruel and unusual punishment.

We have become a society with a culture of death in this country. Taking a life means nothing to us any longer. Abort a baby, disconnect life support, assist with a suicide, and talk someone out of a medical procedure because it is too expensive, these have all crept into our culture. Who gives us the right to play God?