Pro-life Movement needs More Sugar, Less Vinegar

Should the pro-life movement change its tactics when it comes to trying to stop abortion? According to a recent article in Crisis Magazine, it might not be a bad idea.
The article mentions four things which we should do:
  • ·         Stop using Biblical arguments against abortion.
  • ·         Educate people about the responsibility with sexual activity, especially the fathers.
  • ·         Moderate the shock and awe techniques.
  • ·         Stop making abortion about woman and children.

There is also a fifth tactic mentioned, the one which I agree with the most where they talk about recent legislation in Mississippi:
On April 16, the state’s new governor signed legislation that “requires all physicians at abortion clinics in Mississippi to be board-certified OB-GYN and to have admitting privileges at a local hospital.” This is both a victory and a “teachable moment” for the pro-life movement. What is so significant is that the pro-life legislation passed in Mississippi (and similarly in Virginia) was made as fool proof as possible from the demonizing tactics of the left.
Think about it this way, how can the left argue with this law? Using the same logic as they so often use on their opponents, if they object, they will look like they are against “safe” abortions. Isn’t this law only trying to protect the health of the mother? MS and VA give the pro-choice movement no option but to support laws like this. Not that this will stop them from trying something else, but every small step helps.

The pro-life movement needs to “speak softly but carry a big stick” as one of the first Progressives Teddy Roosevelt said. Reading scripture to people who more than likely have no idea what you are talking about, while making the one reading feel good is probably a waste of time. After all if many of these pregnant women had read the scriptures they probably wouldn’t be pregnant. The same can apply to showing pictures of aborted babies, this will only cause people to turn their heads.

No, it is best to be subtle about these things, keep the end in mind, stopping abortion, but do it with more sugar and less vinegar.

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