Reproductive Freedom 101

Once again the "Freedom From Religion" folks and the pro-choice folks just don't get it. The latest is their insistence that those who beleive in "reproductive freedom" leave the Catholic Church.

It seems the "Freedom From Religion" (FFR) people have taken out a full page ad in the Washington Post asking people to quit the Catholic Church because of the church's teachings. Once again they fail to understand a fundamental concept about "reproductive freedom" and the Church. The Catholic Church is not forcing anyone to stop reproducing, in fact they actually encourage it. You see the thing about freedom is it is free. A person can listen to the church or not listen to the church.

Unlike other countries which people like the FFR hold in the highest esteem, the government doesn't force people to abort babies or put restrictions on how many children someone can have. At least not yet.

This is just one more case of the secular progressives are changing the true message and intent of what the church is saying, to confuse and obfuscate (now there is a word I've never used before) the real issue. In this case it is the HHS contraception mandate and the fight against abortion. The HHS mandate isn't about a woman's right to contraception, it is about religious freedom, pure and simple. Abortion has nothing to do with "reproductive freedom" it has everything to do with taking the life of a baby, a baby who never asked to be made, who is innocent of any wrong doing.

There is one method of "reproductive freedom" which costs nothing and which the Catholic Church is 100% for, it's called Abstinence.

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