There is Hope For Us Yet

Maybe there is hope for us yet. I read an article about three saved babies by three different "Students for Life" groups and it started me thinking. Now for me that can be either good or bad, depending on your point of view. Lately I have to admit I have been feeling pretty depressed about the direction this country is going. It seems every time we turn around the Progressive Left is winning another battle against morality and conscience. And honestly I blame myself for this, at least partly. For too long in my life I had the attitude of "Don't bother me, let someone else worry about it" and didn't get involved. I am afraid many others felt the same way.

Becasue of this prevailing attitude, the Progressives have been able to brain wash many of our young people and have converted them to their way of thinking. We didn't fight the indoctrination of our children in the public school system. We didn't fight the erosion of religion and religious teaching in our country. We didn't fight the left and their constant telling us that they know what is better for us than we do. We didn't fight the erosion of the family by their insistence on increasing the amount of "social programs available. We didn't fight them when they said it was okay to kill babies, to have sex with anyone, any time we wanted to becasue we could always have an abortion. 

It has taken them awhile, but they have almost succeeded, but today I read the above mentioned article. There are young people out there who do know right from wrong, probably not many, but some. And it is here, with our young people, that we have to stem the tide of progressive-ism and turn the country around. Like the Progressives did to us, we must do to them. We must win over the minds and hearts of the young if we are to win this battle. 

It won't happen over night, it will take awhile, just like the way our values were corrupted. They were eroded a little bit at a time, we hardly even noticed, especially those of us who didn't take the time. These young people are taking the time.