Where Is The ACLU When You Need Them

It seems there was an all girl high school prom put on by the Hamtramck High School in Michigan recently. No, it wasn’t for the LGBT students, it was for the Muslim girls. Because their religion doesn't allow them to participate in dating or dancing, it was decided that they should have their own prom.

Now, in and of itself this isn’t a big deal, what is however is what this one paragraph in the New York Times article discussing the event:

Shortly before 8, it was time for prayer, the spaghetti straps and empire waists disappearing under hijabs and abayas, a prayer rug taking its place on the dance floor.
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I have to wonder what the Times would write if this had been an all Jewish event or a Catholic event and passages from the Bible were read, would the Times still be gushing or would they be up in arms about the “separation of church and state”? After all this was a public school sponsored event. Where is the ACLU? The Freedom from Religion people? Shouldn’t this have been on their to-do list, or more precisely their not allowed to-do list?

Had someone hung a banner with John 3:16 written on it at the prom for the rest of the students, you can be sure there would have been outrage, yet here we have the bastion of the left wing media talking about what a glorious night it was.

Seems like a double standard to me, but then what do I know.

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